The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill

Will Henry, producer of the The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill, talks about the life and work of Prof. Gerard K. O’Neill which include particle accelerators, space settlements and founded the Space Studies Institute. 

The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O’Neill is an award winning documentary film about the life and influence of Gerard K. O’Neill told through the eyes of his peers, family and the younger generation he inspired during the 1970s and 80s who are now leaders in the modern day space race. Through old stories of “Gerry” as many called him, and the social impact he made on the world, this documentary pays tribute to the unsung hero of today’s space race, while hoping to inspire all ages and walks of life to reignite our planet’s space venturing spirit.

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