Space India 2.0 – Commerce, Policy, Security and Governance Perspectives

With six decades of experience in exploring space for the benefit of its citizens, India has emerged as a major spacefaring nation with self-reliant capacity to undertake planetary and interplanetary missions. Having built up these capabilities while journeying through the most trying circumstances, India today stands at the crossroad: it can maximise its gains and build on its potential to build complex space missions. Several strategies are open for India’s policymakers, both short-term and long-term, to expand the utilisation of space assets and increase the overall size of the country’s space economy. 

Space 2.0 India – Commerce, Policy, Security and Governance Perspectives gives insights by providing a glimpse into the past, while it connects with the present and delivers perspectives on the future dimensions of India’s space programme. The chapters cover a broad range– Commercial & NewSpace, Space Policy, Space Security, International Cooperation, and Space Sustainability & Global Governance—and they deliver educated suggestions and opinions to policymakers of the country to review their strategies on these issues. Understanding expert opinions in these areas shall bestow the emerging managers of the space programme with holistic insights.

This work is a unique collection of thoughts and analyses on matters relevant to space policy and governance, a good account of accomplishments, and thought-provoking puzzles on future possibilities. The authors are national and international experts in different disciplines, both veteran and young scholars, and thus will be an invaluable resource for policymakers, academic researchers, and the public at large. This work can also be a concrete step for continuing discourse on varied subjects or issues of importance, which demand an interactive and evolutionary approach to progress on policy. While there could be some differences in the positions taken by writers with reference to the views of some stakeholders in policymaking, the academic yet non-formal nature of the content in this book will hopefully create enough spaces for reflecting on a cohesive and harmonious framework of policy and its continued dynamism in a field where India can make significant contributions to national and global developments.

We are happy share that our book ‘Space 2.0 India – Commerce, Policy, Security and Governance Perspectives’ is now available to download as an e-copy. You may download the book HERE