Lessons for Indian space ecosystem from an Argentinian entrepreneur

Emiliano talks about his experiences of building Satellogic, one of the biggest NewSpace Earth Observation (EO) startups in the world which is trying to democratize access to space-based services, by fostering new markets of innovative applications by making data 1,000 times cheaper than traditional EO companies

Emiliano Kargieman is bringing outer-space down to Earth. The 2010 launch of his company Satellogic has created a network of mass-produced, nano-satellites, providing high-resolution data of expansive areas at a low cost compared to traditional Earth Observation (EO) data streaming. Kargieman, Satellogic’s Founder and CEO, is a major player in the Argentinian tech ecosystem and a serial entrepreneur. He has taken time to analyze major obstacles to the emerging tech industry, and has dedicated himself to developing solutions.

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