An institutional investor’s thesis for funding NewSpace in India

In this episode, Mahesh Murthy who runs Exseed Fund, an institutional capital source that plans to invest in NewSpace companies in India talks about Exseed Space now known as Satellize and his thesis of why it is a great time for investing in NewSpace companies in India.

Mahesh Murthy is among India’s best-known and most-successful investors. He has twice been named “India’s Best VC of the Year”, an award voted on by investors in VC funds. Mahesh runs Exseed, Asia’s only fund focused on space companies. Exseed believes in the ‘new space’ thesis, and has already earmarked a dozen investments including Satellize (earlier known as Exseed Space) – India’s first private company in space, with successful launches on SpaceX and ISRO; GroundCloud – an upcoming offering of ground stations-as-a-service and HF Signals – a digital radio communications firm.

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