The journey of satellite remote sensing in India and the challenges it faces today

India is one of the pioneers of satellite remote sensing with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) developing some of the best remote sensing satellites in the world. In this episode of the NewSpace India podcast, Arup Dasgupta speaks about his experiences in executing some of ISRO’s remote sensing missions and provides a perspective on the current challenges that holds back the full utilisation of remote sensing applications in India.

Arup Dasgupta worked in the Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation, from November 1970 to March 2005. He began his career in the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE) and later was involved in the management of applications programmes for several remote sensing satellites including Bhaskara and IRS as well as the development of image and information processing systems.

Post his retirement from ISRO, Arup served as a Distinguished Professor at the Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geoinformatics and an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Geomatics and Space Applications at CEPT University and in the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communications Technology. He currently serves as Managing Editor of Geospatial World. 

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