Reinventing India’s Space Expo

India set a trend in exhibiting its space prowess to the international community by kicking off Asia’s only focused exhibition on Space Technologies, Products and Innovations in the form of the Bangalore Space Expo in 2008.

This year, the fifth edition of the Space Expo is scheduled from 1-3 September 2016 at BIEC, Bengaluru, India, will be showcasing the latest technological advancements, related products, and technical services while providing a platform for space agencies, specialists, entrepreneurs and space industry heavyweights to display their visions.

The last edition, Space Expo BSX 2014 – held in Bengaluru, witnessed encouraging participation from the Space Industry from around the globe. The event recorded an attendance of over 3200 business visitors besides and participation from over 8 countries – France, Italy, Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, USA, UK etc with France coming as a partner Country for the first time. At BSX 2016, the focus will be on enhancing engagement of Indian industry in the development of satellites, launch vehicles.

The Space Expo can be leveraged to not only promote the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) technological achievements but can be a key tool to promote the Government of India’s Make in India campaign.

Here are some recommendations for re-inventing India’s space expo

  • Release a study every year on the ‘State of the Space Industry’, which can draw a lot of inspiration from such practice in US Space Industry to provide an overview of the current Indian capabilities in ISRO and in the industry. This can also be an opportunity to showcase the relevance for foreign companies to work with Indian companies.
  • To promote Indian SMEs in the space industry, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) can Institute awards for Indian companies to be given away at Space Expo in different categories such as
  1. Best SME
  2. Best Space Spin-off
  3. Best Space Startup
  • CII can also take up the role of promoting Indian industry to participate with ISRO in the largest space conference in the world – International Astronautical Congress. The Space Expo award can enable the chosen companies as winners to travel with ISRO delegation to showcase their products and services at the biggest space congress in the world.
  • Include regulatory issues debate in Bangalore Space Expo and invite Space Lawyers in the country to participate in a debate with industry and agency officials.
  • Help start a space directory of companies, capabilities, etc., which can be easily accessible by anyone in the international markets so that it can promote ease of doing business by increasing networks.
  • University satellites are becoming a hit in India. The space expo can be leveraged to also promote academic exchange with both international universities and companies.


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