logoThe network is the go-to place to source regional business information within a global context. It connects related content across all its dedicated channels of information to produce an intelligently joined-up network of business data and discussion specific to the activities of the commercial space industry.

The network is accessed through a dashboard that uses dynamic menus to keep pace with the business developments of the organisations and individuals that a member chooses to follow. This works in parallel with a smart blue-box navigation system that links related content across all the platform’s channels, putting everything into context.

The platform is a 100% free solution for searching for and sourcing suppliers, expertise, and building pipelines of contracts across global markets as well as an excellent source of business information to track, assess, and predict the commercial forces in these markets.

The network is marketed to both the space industry and professional audiences in related high-technology markets to increase awareness of the growing entrepreneurial culture of commercial space organisations.

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