India’s space program needs a public outreach overhaul

Gurbir Singh is a Manchester-based Blogger and Author who has written about Yuri Gagarin’s visit to Manchester, the Indian Space Programme and more. He also runs the AstrotalkUK podcast. More information – 

Gurbir has a new book coming soon on Stephen H Smith: India’s Forgotten Rocket Pioneer whose information is available on –

Gurbir talks about his journey as a blogger and an author covering India’s space activities. We discuss his perspectives of gaining access to information and people to write about India’s space program as well as his discovery of learning about a rocket pioneer based in Calcutta in the 1930s.… Click here to read the complete article

Challenges in building a career in Astrophysics in India

Dr. Abhijeet Borkar did undergraduate education from Fergusson College, Pune and masters in physics from the University of Pune and subsequently did his PhD at the International Max Planck Research School at Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany. He is currently working as a post-doctorate researcher at the Astronomy Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. 

In this episode, Abhijeet speaks about his experiences of growing up as a science fiction enthusiast to eventually starting a career in astrophysics. We talk about the challenges in understanding the avenues as well as the different career trajectories available to build a career in astrophysics.… Click here to read the complete article

Susmita Mohanty – India’s protégée of Arthur Clarke

Dr. Susmita Mohanty is a spaceship designer and serial aerospace entrepreneur. She is the CEO of EARTH2ORBIT, also co-founded MOONFRONT, San Francisco [2001-2007] and LIQUIFER, Vienna [2004-ongoing]. In this episode, she talks about growing up as a kid on the ISRO SAC campus and her journey of turning into an entrepreneur.

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India’s approach to human spaceflight with Rakesh Sharma

Wg Cdr Rakesh Sharma is a former Indian Air Force pilot who flew aboard Soyuz T-11, launched on 2 April 1984, as part of the Interkosmos programme. Sharma is the first Indian citizen to travel in space. In this episode, he talks about his experiences and discusses various aspects relevant to the upcoming human spaceflight program by India.

In this episode, I intentionally choose not to ask questions around Sharma’s experience in selection, training or the flight but tried to have a conversation around India’s approach to human spaceflight itself. Hope you enjoy this episode. 

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A management graduate in India’s space agency during the 70s

Did you know that India was the first country in the world to contract a commercial space launch with the Soviet Union!

NewSpace India now has a podcast series that exclusively talks about India’s space activities. In the second episode, Chandrashekar, an IIM grad who was recruited into the space program in the early 70s talks about this and more in the second episode of the NewSpace India podcast.

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NewSpace India Podcast

NewSpace India now has a podcast series that exclusively talks about India’s space activities. In the first episode of the NewSpace India podcast, Mathieu J. Weiss, the Counsellor Space for the French Space Agency (CNES) talks about some interesting topics such as how 200 Indian engineers went to France to build engines together, the roadmap for future exploration on Venus, building satellites to monitor climate change, etc.

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An app-store analogy to ISRO’s capabilities

Moore’s law in semiconductors drove the consumer electronics revolution and today the likes of Apple and Google have been able to create two-sided platforms that allow independent development of applications by anyone using their platforms. We have witnessed the growth of smartphone-based applications with the opening of their platforms to independent developers and giving them a foundation to scale the types of the range of services that people need. There are over 4 million apps today available in Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. Could we have witnessed such a diverse range of uses of the smartphone-based services with if Apple and Google only allowed its own apps in their respective platforms?Click here to read the complete article

Space 2.0 India – Creating a $10 billion space economy that supports 100,000 high-skilled jobs

Investing in space is one of those things that India got right in incubating technologies that can help us leapfrog to solving complex social problems. Fast forward 60 years from the birth of the space activities, we have established technologies to put systems together and launch satellites and deliver services. Despite all the capability, we in India captures less than 0.1% of the global space market today.

For the lack of a vision, I present my own on how do we go from where are today to possibly creating a $10 billion pie that supports 100,000 high-skilled jobs directly and indirectly by 2030?… Click here to read the complete article

Podcasts for space enthusiasts

If you are a space enthusiast and you want to learn more about the current developments in space science and industry, fasten your seat belts.

Full disclaimer

Podcasts can be a great way of catching up but do not trust them to give you a 360 deg view of the topic they discuss. It’s always important to go back to learn several opinions and check facts before you make up your own or share debatable thoughts with others.

The U.S being one of the leaders in not just investing into space activities, but also having a very well-oiled outreach community for space activities, leaves a mark on the list here.… Click here to read the complete article

India Needs to See Space Is Not Just About Engineering and Strategy

India flies some of the cheapest satellites in the world but pays the highest price for bandwidth to provide services. This was the claim of an official of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). This person blamed turf wars between the DoT and the Department of Space (DoS), both government bodies.

The bulk of space-based services in India is consumed by the government itself. If such barriers to deliver space services exist between government players, then imagine the plight of folks from the industry looking to venture into the space services arena.

Today, India’s share of the global $400 billion space market may be less than 0.01%.… Click here to read the complete article