Course on Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites Design

Here is a great opportunity for Indian space enthusiasts and students to learn how to build a small satellite. Dr Sharan Asundi (Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Science Engineering at Tuskegee University and Visiting Researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) is offering a course on Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites Design in Bangalore.

The objective of the course is to engage in learning the methods & processes for designing and experience hands-on training in assembling, testing of PNMSat (Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites) systems/subsystems. The broad aims include

  • An understanding systems engineering approach to the design & development of PNMSats.
  • Review principles of Orbital Mechanics relevant to the design of PNMSats.
  • Understand the functions of various subsystems of a PNMSat and engage in their preliminary design.
  • Design, simulate & analyse PNMSat subsystems using one or more of the following tools:
    • MATLAB and/or Octave
    • CAD Tools
    • Satellite/System Tool Kit and/or GMAT
  • Understand the development, integration and testing of PNMSats.

As part of the hands-on training, the course will be taught using a classroom satellite kit from EyasSat, which has all the subsystems of a satellite. The students will also learn to use satellite tracking, telemetry communication (analog & digital) and conceptual understanding of telecommand operation.

Course Location: PES University, Bangalore

Dates: 29th May – 23rd June 2017

Full Course Description: CLICK HERE

Course Cost: Rs. 4000/ (More details)

Course Registration Link: CLICK HERE (Registration between 13th-28th May, 2017)

You can reach out to Prof. Sharan Asundi for more information at 

4 thoughts on “Course on Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites Design

  1. Is this some kind of joke? There is no mention of course cost anywhere in the website or in the course registration link. Cant you edit the website and post clear cost of the workshop here?

  2. Payment details and transaction methods are given but no where in the course description or on the registration page, the course price is mentioned.
    Please give us the cost of the course and eligibility criteria if there’s any.

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