Course on Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites Design

Here is a great opportunity for Indian space enthusiasts and students to learn how to build a small satellite. Dr Sharan Asundi (Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Science Engineering at Tuskegee University and Visiting Researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) is offering a course on Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites Design in Bangalore.

The objective of the course is to engage in learning the methods & processes for designing and experience hands-on training in assembling, testing of PNMSat (Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites) systems/subsystems. The broad aims include

  • An understanding systems engineering approach to the design & development of PNMSats.
  • Review principles of Orbital Mechanics relevant to the design of PNMSats.
  • Understand the functions of various subsystems of a PNMSat and engage in their preliminary design.
  • Design, simulate & analyse PNMSat subsystems using one or more of the following tools:
    • MATLAB and/or Octave
    • CAD Tools
    • Satellite/System Tool Kit and/or GMAT
  • Understand the development, integration and testing of PNMSats.

As part of the hands-on training, the course will be taught using a classroom satellite kit from EyasSat, which has all the subsystems of a satellite. The students will also learn to use satellite tracking, telemetry communication (analog & digital) and conceptual understanding of telecommand operation.

Course Location: PES University, Bangalore

Dates: 29th May – 23rd June 2017

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Course Cost: Rs. 4000/ (More details)

Course Registration Link: CLICK HERE (Registration between 13th-28th May, 2017)

You can reach out to Prof. Sharan Asundi for more information at