Compendium of Startup/SME Views & Suggestions from Space Federation of India

SpaceFed, a newly formed Non-Profit initiative and Industry Association with the aim to advance moderate and streamline the interests of space companies in government, media, industry and public affairs while at all times, striving to build a foundation for a sustainable, consensus driven, and thriving Space ecosystem in India. SpaceFed will strive to assist Private Indian Space Startups/SMEs to work with GoI channels to boost the sector in terms of:

● Policy and Regulation
● Increasing Awareness
● Networking & global outreach

The following section is a compilation of views from 20 Private Space Startups/SMEs, working in various domains and subdomains of the Space Sector. 

A consolidated compendium of views that Indian Private Space Startups/SMEs has been put out by the SpaceFed in order to make the upcoming changes planned by DoS to accelerate the growth and potential impact to the Indian private Space sector.

Click here to download the consolidated compendium of views: SpaceFed Letter to DoS