AstroPolitics – Special Issue on Indian Space Dynamics of the Indian Space Program

AstroPolitics has brought out a Special Issue on Indian Space Dynamics of the Indian Space Program: Doctrine, Power, Strategy, Security, Policy, Law, Commercialization, and Technology.


Space Doctrine of India by Gurbachan Singh Sachdeva

Power Dynamics of India’s Space Program by Ajey Lele

Space, War, and Deterrence: A Strategy for India by S. Chandrashekar

Development of Space Launch Vehicles in India by Rajaram Nagappa

The Challenge of Indian National Space Policy by Kiran Krishnan Nair

Development of National Space Law for India by Kumar Abhijeet

India’s Role in the Legal Regulation of Private Actors in Space by Malay Adhikari

India’s Space Legislation: The Private Sector Speaks by Ashok Gubbi Venkateshmurthy & Narayan Prasad Nagendra

Industry Participation in India’s Space Program: Current Trends and Perspectives for the Future by Narayan Prasad Nagendra

Book Review – From Fishing Hamlet to Red Planet: India’s Space Journey, edited by P. V.Manoranjan Rao by Arindrajit Basu

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