Hey all, this is Hari Prasath, a space system major student from ISAE SUPAERO (2018-2020). I frequently get a lot of questions related to the admission process and living expenses in Toulouse from Indian students. I am listing down all the frequently asked questions with the answers so that it will be easier for you to read and know the info.  If you can’t find the information that you need, please feel free to ping me, I will be happy to help you.

Disclaimer: The answers are purely based on my personal experiences with ISAE SUPAERO and Toulouse. It may vary from person to person and facts are subjected to change, if you have any unclarified doubts feel free to mail Supaero admission office and keep checking the university website.Click here to read the complete article

Perspective of a foreign investor of space industry in India

Michael Mealling, General Partner at Starbridge VC, a space focussed venture capital fund based in the US, talks about his perspective of the Indian space industry and the emerging NewSpace startups in India.

Before Starbridge, Michael co-founded Masten Space Systems, was CTO of Seraph Group (a seed stage VC fund), is the CEO of the Waypaver Foundation, and the President of the Moon Society. His experience building companies and teams from scratch, raising money for those companies, and investing in similar companies has given Michael a view both the successes and failures at every stage of building sustainable companies.

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Investing at seed stage in NewSpace India startups

Speciale Invest is an early stage investor focusing on Tech-driven/Deep-tech ventures. They’ve invested at seed stage in Agnikul Cosmos, Astrogate Labs and Kawa Space. Vishesh, is the Managing Partner of Speciale Invest. He talks about their fund, their investees in NewSpace India startups. He also gives great tips for some of the entrepreneurs looking for seed stage funding. 

Vishesh has over 10 years of investing experience across enterprise technologies and consumer services. He has been actively involved across the life-cycle of venture capital investing from deal sourcing, building networks, investing, monitoring and creating value and exit engineering. More about Speciale Invest on … Click here to read the complete article