Diplomatist – Articles on Indian Space Programme

Diplomatist has covered two major stories on the Indian space programme as a part of its April 2017 edition.

Prof. Chandrashekar from National Institute of Advanced Studies has written on the launch sector with the evolution of PSLV and GSLV taking centre stage as ISRO’s capabilities in the launch sector has matured.

As the global space power games evolve, they will have a cascading effect on the threats and opportunities that the Indian programme will encounter. While opportunities can be exploited suitably, the obvious lessons that can be learned from the PSLV and GSLV experiences is that key areas of development have to be shielded from the vagaries of global power politics.Click here to read the complete article

Course on Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites Design

Here is a great opportunity for Indian space enthusiasts and students to learn how to build a small satellite. Dr Sharan Asundi (Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Science Engineering at Tuskegee University and Visiting Researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) is offering a course on Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites Design in Bangalore.

The objective of the course is to engage in learning the methods & processes for designing and experience hands-on training in assembling, testing of PNMSat (Pico/Nano/Micro-Satellites) systems/subsystems. The broad aims include

  • An understanding systems engineering approach to the design & development of PNMSats.
  • Review principles of Orbital Mechanics relevant to the design of PNMSats.
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The thoughts behind a NewSpace investor

Jeff Bezos – ‘Won a lottery with Amazon’ and want to use it fund my dream of an expansive human race working in space via creating an infrastructure for space economy today. Amazing parallels are drawn between internet and space on creating the underlying infrastructure.

We have taken over two decades to reap the real benefits of internet infrastructure in India. What should be our approach to space?

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