Why won’t there be a SpaceX in India, unless…

Many of us dream of becoming astronauts who reach out for the stars when we are young despite India not having a human space programme. As we grow up, we start to live up to the expectations of our society and make our ends meet by not chasing such wild dreams rather shaping our talent to contribute to the upcoming opportunities by taking jobs in the government or the private sector or by being academics. There are some who achieve their dreams of working in the space sector and join ISRO as scientists and engineers.

However, there are some who continue on to dream about reaching for the stars much like the way they dreamt in their childhood and take risks in chasing it.… Click here to read the complete article

ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle: What Happened and What Next?

India doesn’t have a reusable launch vehicle (RLV) yet. What it has is a prototype technology-demonstrator (TD) that Indian Space Research Organisation will use to test its various components, then use their takeaways to build better prototypes. This will go on till about 2030, which is when the organisation expects to have a working vehicle – more than 30 metres long and with an engine of its own. And why does it take so long? Building a reusable launcher is no mean feat, added to which is that ISRO has to make do with its (relatively) tiny budget. The first test, called the hypersonic experiment 1 (HEX1), was conducted on May 23.… Click here to read the complete article