Astrome Technologies – Providing Connectivity Anytime, Anywhere.

Startup ecosystem powered by Internet access is transforming our lives in many different ways. We go to the internet to buy, sell, procure services, do financial transaction, get information and most importantly to communicate to each other. But, the rural India, which accounts for more than 68% of India’s population, is out of sync with this changing face of commerce, communication, lifestyle and education. Astrome Technologies, an Indian space technology company is leveraging on cutting edge satellite technology to provide high speed, location free internet. By doing this, Astrome is not just providing an innovative, high tech, solution to a practical problem – it is also opening the doors for a potential transformation in the lives of people who were so far denied access to the latest in technology.Click here to read the complete article

Will ISRO participate in the International Space Station?

For a while now there has been some speculation of possible Indian participation in the International Space Station. This may be an excellent method for space agencies such as NASA and ESA to reach out to ISRO. But, does this hold water? Will this be a primarily foreign policy drive from the West to India or is this to add a more prominent space faring country to the ISS to add another source of funding?

Let us assess the merit of Indian participation in the International Space Station.

While ISRO’s vision is to ‘Harness space technology for national development, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration’, the cost involved in the human space exploration is 10X the satellite/robotic missions.… Click here to read the complete article