Improving ISRO Public Outreach Efforts

A couple of weeks back we asked you what can ISRO do to better its public outreach?

We are happy to organise some of the crowd sourced suggestions.While some might say the budget of ISRO is not enough, there could be no better strategy of getting an approval of a bigger budget than reaching out to the general public by delivering a simple message (effectively) on ‘Why spending on the space programme is really important for each one of us?’.

We sincerely hope that the policy makers of ISRO take note of these suggestions of the ‘common man’ in India and take measures to make its outreach programme as successful as its missions to Moon and Mars.… Click here to read the complete article

Defence Space Agency

A few weeks ago there was news of possible formation of a Defence Space Agency (DSA) in India alongside commands for Cyber Security and Special Operations. This was told as an interim arrangement before setting up a full-fledged Cyber, Aerospace and Special Operations Command in the country.[i]

There are quite a few dots to connect in the run up to such a decision. One can probably argue that the idea of space security interests got real traction in India only after the Chinese Anti-Satellite (ASAT) in 2007 after which statements were made that India too can showcase such technology if needed and the requirement for a possible cover to the treat to Indian space assets was in the spotlight.… Click here to read the complete article

ISRO Outreach Bucket List

Here is a new project at NewSpace India.We all love our Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and all the cool things they do. However, as citizens we’ve never flaunted enough of their achievements the way folks would do with their peers such as ESA/NASA. (e.g Documentaries, Podcasts, Space Memorabilia, etc.)

Here is a simple one liner for you to answer on what you think that ISRO could do as a part of its outreach!

We’ll publish results of this in 4 weeks and may be pass to on the request to the right people within ISRO for consideration 🙂

Now.. Why don’t you fill in and share it with your friends to fill in 😀

Click here to read the complete article