Which Way to Space……….. Will Indian NewSpace Make for India?

NewSpace has emerged in India. The innovative, imaginative and boot strapping start-ups are eager engage in space activities well beyond limits of the Department of Space (DOS) driven licensing regime for sourcing/procuring requirements and transferring about 300 validated technologies. Indian NewSpace does not aspire to challenge or rival ISRO. It senses opportunity because, despite being a long time investor in developing space technologies, no Indian company finds mention in the top ten space companies of the world. NewSpace wants to be turnkey solutions providers in products and services to users within the country and abroad. It recognizes synergy in government’s flagships programmes: Make in India and Digital India.… Click here to read the complete article

Reinventing Space with SpaceUp-IIST

The much-awaited third edition of SpaceUp in India, the unconference of space, was held in Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) on Saturday, 5th September 2015. With the promise of good food and unlimited snacks, around 300 participants took active part in the discussions pertaining to Space Sciences. There were sessions dealing with a multitude of topics ranging from space biology, which talked of the possibility of lifeforms we three dimensional beings are unable to comprehend, to the theory of black holes. This article hopes to cover all aspects of SpaceUp that were humanly possible by the TSR team with its reporters.… Click here to read the complete article

Space + Carbon Nanotechnology = Clean, Green & Limitless Energy

Energy is the most ingredient for the growth of a civilization. The more energy we can harness and use; the better are our living conditions. Throughout our history we’ve been on the quest for energy. We’ve progressed from using muscular power of other animals, burned wood, boiled steam and now use fossil fuels.

The past three decades have seen a rapid economic growth in India. This growth is being powered by coal & fossil fuels. The downside of a coal powered growth is a suicidal destruction of our habitats due to climate change. We have already started feeling the detrimental effects of pollution, global warming.… Click here to read the complete article