India’s NewSpace Series: Prateep Basu interviewed by Susmita Mohanty

Prateep, an Analyst at Northern Sky Research says

 We need incubation process for downstream services that will leverage IT prowess and utilise space technology to deliver products & services. I believe that it is time that we have the right set of policies that will provide motivations for young people to create many more NewSpace enterprises in India.


Prateep Basu in a space industry Analyst at Northern Sky Research (NSR), a global market research and consulting firm. He has worked as a propulsion engineer at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and has received his degrees from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum, and the International Space University, Strasbourg.… Click here to read the complete article

Need for Establishing an ‘Office of Space Commerce’

In an international context, the space sector has moved from the times of monopolised government presence to globally the space industry exceeding the government investments made in space. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) currently uses its commercial arm Antrix Corporation its principal to commercialise technologies and capacities in the international market. Although Antrix is growing at 10-15% every year, it still only clocks revenues of about $200 million[i] in a global space market of $200 billion.

To make business sense, it is important to note that Antrix Corporation completely depends on ISRO’s resources including manpower, infrastructure. With ISRO having a backlog of transponders and having to complete missions of national interest, the ability of Antrix to scale in the international market to provide turnkey solutions for especially satellite development reduces immensely as national requirements laid upon ISRO shall supersede.… Click here to read the complete article